Makerspace Framework at Ohio State

Welcome to the STEPmaker page of the Makerspace Framework!    If you are writing your STEP project proposal, you are here because you want to build something as part of your personal growth transformation at The Ohio State University.   Please follow the directions in the next paragraph onward.   If you are exploring how a Makerspace can be combined with student initiated learning outside the classroom, you may want to first skip to the links at the end of this page about the STEP website and the STEPmaker guidelines.

For STEP students:

The STEP program helps you transform your education experience by not only funding your build, but also enabling you to accomplish leadership service to communities that value and appreciate your build activities.     Your first steps in joining those communities is to help create one in the Makerspace itself:  STEPmaker students will be able to interact, share, and support each other both online and in person.    Experienced OSU build students are the core group that launched and help operate the Makerspace Framework.     They enjoy helping each other  build things as a leadership service activity, and they want to know whom to ask for a particular build service in the OSU Makerspace community.   The Makerspace is also a gateway to other communities.    By being an OSU STEPmaker, you will join that special group in the Makerspace community itself, and also help with the gateway to other communities.

For a STEP Creative Endeavors build project that you keep, you will  create content about your particular build that can be archived as open source or creative commons content.    Suggestions will be made to upgrade your content so that community groups find it useful.   Once Faculty or Community Advisor verifies that you have produced this upgraded content about your build AND it is online in the Makerspace Framework, the STEP hold on your build is nearly released; you have met the required items 1 & 2 in the STEPmaker Guidelines (see link below).    Once you also complete item 3 (Demo/exhibit your build), you have met all the requirements to keep your build.   Failure to complete items 1-3 means that to keep your build material, any step funds >$400.00 for personal material gain will need to be reimbursed, since we can’t tell that your build process developed transformative personal growth.

If your Step Arts/Creative Endeavors Supplemental document Faculty or Community Advisor has association with the OSU Makerspace Framework, then please include the following statements as part of that  supplemental document:

Item 3:   I will work with Makerspace Framework faculty and student teams to create online build content that is archived as open source or creative commons content, followed by implementing suggested content upgrade by those teams.

Item 4:     I will coordinate with other STEPmakers by working with the OSU Makerspace Framework online system, including registering, setting up, and maintaining a project page.

Item 5: I will complete the demo/exhibit of my build at an official OSU maker event, such as the Hackathon, Makeathon, or other official OSU student build clubs event.

Please register your STEP project using the Makerspace Framework links below.   Once you have registered and set up your profile, create a new Project using content similar to your STEP proposal project summary as the project description.   Once we approve and post, your project will be visible from the Projects tab of the Makerspace main webpage.   Later, please upload your full STEP proposal to a linkable website (eg. google drive, github, etc.) and add that link to your project profile.



General info about the OSU STEP Program can found here:

STEP Website

More detailed guidelines for a STEPmaker project can be downloaded here:

STEPmaker Guidelines